About us

About us

Tisaksuk, established in 2013, is a store, for-profit, that promotes and markets the products made by Atelier Tisaksuk. Tisaksuk has made a name for itself by modernizing and revolutionizing how people consume products that are made in Haiti both on the local market and internationally, especially clothing.

The store holds the reputation of being one of the most innovative and having the highest quality “Made in Haiti” brands. Tisaksuk maintains a physical store in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and in Tampa, FL.

Our Founder

Daphné Valmond Bourgoin
, the founder of Tisaksuk and Atelier Tisaksuk was born and raised in Carrefour. She moved away from Haiti for a period of time but found her way back, quickly she saw the potential and need in the community and felt compelled to permanently move back home and invest her time and talents in creating new opportunities for people.

Many of the men and women who work at Atelier Tisaksuk have never earned a salary before. She is supporting the community through the creation of jobs, by training young and old, and by encouraging citizen engagement for a stronger, opportunity-rich and better future for Haiti.

Atelier Tisaksuk is based in Carrefour Haiti and was established in 2015; Carrefour literally means “intersection”, a name that fits the structure of this complicated and maze-like city where residents have lived for generations and have deep-rooted history, sprinkled among new arrivals from the countryside, as well as a new generation trying to make a life just outside the capital. Much of the area has become overpopulated (estimated at over 500,000 people), straining the natural environment and infrastructure, and a large majority of the population is struggling to make a better life while living in grinding poverty.

In some ways, the community is a microcosm of Haiti at large. Despite birthing great artists, thought leaders and entrepreneurs, the neighborhood has been abandoned by many who move deeper into Port-au-Prince, in hopes of a better life and now, to escape gang-controlled areas. A situation known all too well by Atelier Tisaksuk who had to temporarily relocate her workshop for safety reasons.

Shop with Purpose

Atelier Tisaksuk

Atelier Tisaksuk functions as a production facility for the majority of Tisaksuk’s branded clothing, apparel and accessories. Atelier Tisaksuk trains men and women with the primary goal of increasing their skills and make them more employable. Most are hired by Tisaksuk or placed with other creative in the sector.

Created to bring sustainable social-economic development to the residents of Haiti, Atelier Tisaksuk places a specific emphasis on women, who are the most vulnerable population. Programs that improve conditions for women have a ripple effect of improving the lives of Haitian children as well, because most Haitian families have a woman as the head of household.

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